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Ebony is a caring, compassionate, and understanding clinician. She utilizes a holistic perspective, with the belief that healthy mind, body, and spirit are essential to achieving total wellness. Ebony serves as a collaborative partner and allows each client to be the "expert" of their own life. Ebony developed a passion for helping others as an adolescent and has continued along that path. She has nearly 20 years of experience working with various populations in the social services field. Ebony is most fulfilled by helping clients identify their strengths, clarify goals, and make positive changes. She maintains a nonjudgmental and optimistic attitude, while valuing the diversity of others.


Ebony is a Licensed Professional Counselor,

National Certified Counselor, Substance Abuse Professional, and Certified Professional Counseling Supervisor. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory University, and Master of Science degree from Georgia State University.  

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Call (404) 491-0377 to schedule an appointment 

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